About Us

Following many years of making maple syrup as a backyard hobby, in 2007 we built a sugarhouse and purchased a 2'x6' stainless steel wood-fired evaporator. We enthusiastically tapped as many maple trees as we could find and Chandler's Sugar Shack began!

Chandler's Sugar Shack is a family run business. Producing pure maple syrup takes a lot of hard work, and there is plenty for everyone in the family to do.  Bobby, Bart, and Jaime get to spend most of their time in the woods collecting the sap. This involves installing tubing systems, hanging buckets, tapping trees, checking for leaks, etc. Bob and Marge are in charge in the sugar house. They spend long hours feeding wood into the evaporator and watching steam rise out of the stacks. At the end of the day, the finished product is filtered and bottled, ready to be enjoyed by our customers.

Every year since we began producing pure maple syrup commercially, we have expanded the operation. In 2009 we installed our first tubing system. This tubing system, located in Kossuth, ME, collects sap from 680 sugar maple trees and feeds into a common collection tank, where it can be easily gathered and transported back to the sugarhouse to be boiled. In 2011 we installed our second tubing system at a sugarbush in Topsfield, ME. This system utilizes a vacuum pump to assist in the production, and is connected to 780 maple trees. In 2011 we also added a reverse osmosis machine and filter press at the sugarhouse to help us produce the highest quality maple syrup. 2012 was a busy year for Chandler's Sugar Shack.  We constructed a brand new sugar house in Kossuth Twp., Maine with a new high efficiency 3.5' x 14' wood fired evaporator. We also added another 1700 taps at a local sugar bush. We continue to add more taps every year to increase our production to ensure we will have product available to our customers all year.

The Chandler Family
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